Executive Committee Meeting


1. Call to Order (1st. Vice President)

2. Identification of EXITS

3. Opening Prayer by Chaplain or Lay Chaplain _______________

4. Special Presentation by the President

5. Do we have a quorum? (Registration Chairman)

6. Welcome will be given by _________ County Exempt Executive Committeeman He /She will introduce the local Fire
Chief and Local Elected Officials.

7. Approval of Previous Minutes (Date) as posted on Website

8. Report from the Officers:

a. President

b. 1st Vice President

c. 2nd Vice President

d. Secretary

e. Treasurer

f. Internal Auditor

g. Statistician

h. Chaplains

i. Counselor

j. Record Keeper

k. Sergeants – at – Arms

l. Secretary to Executive Committee

m. Budget Committee

n. Community Service Award Committee

o. Constitution & By Laws Committee

p. Convention Committee

q. Convention Book Committee

r. Election Committee

s. Firemen’s Home Committee

t. Grave Markers & Flag Committee

u. Legislative Committee

v. Memorial Committee

w. New Associations Committee

x. Operational Manual Committee

y. Publicity Committee

z. Raffle Committee

aa. Registration Committee

bb. Resolutions Committee

cc. Scholarship Committee.

dd. Ways & Means Committee

ee. Web – Master Committee

ff. Badges and Plaques Committee

gg. Electronic Communication Committee

hh. Report on Fire Museum

9. Old Business:



10. New Business:



11. Past Presidents: See Page 3:

12. Special Guest

13. Next Meeting (2nd Vice President)

14. Good of the Order

15. Thank you to the Host Company.

16. Closing Prayer Chaplain or Lay Chaplain __________

17. Adjournment



1. Please turn OFF all Phones and Pagers or put them on vibration.

2. If you must take a call, please, take it out of the meeting room or in Zoom meeting go to Mute.

A. Please submit all reports in typed format to the Officers table, or send to Secretary three days before meeting.

B. When addressing the meeting or making a motion please uses the microphone. Give your name and County organization, first.

C. When seconding a motion, please come to the microphone give your name and County organization, prior to your second.

D. The Ways and Means Committee will be selling tickets as we are holding our meeting.

Past Presidents:

Mr. Roland Van Winkle 1990-1991

Mr. William Doherty 1992-1993

Mr. Frank Wheatley 1996-1997

Mr. William Beckett 1998-1999

Mr. John Leo Fedorka 2000-2001

Mr. Richard Vander Berg 2002-2003

Mr. Archie Roemmich 2004-2005

Mr. Joseph Pawlak 2006-2007

Mr. William Egbert 2008-2009

Mr. Robert Myers Jr. 2010-2011

Mr. Ted Vegh 2012-2013

Mr. Greg Kennedy 2014-2015

Mr. Glenn Roemmich 2016-2017

Ms. Elisa Fantozzi 2018 – 2020