Welcome to the web site of the New Jersey State Exempt Firemen’s Association. The NJSEFA is an organization that was formed for the charitable purpose of organizing and coordinating all of the local exempt fire associations in the state of New Jersey, thus lessening the burden of government in this process.. The NJSEFA also provides a venue for mentoring and support within the ranks of the fire service from those members who have earned their exemption and from their experience can lead and assist the new members of the fire service as they take up the protective fire service in both career and volunteer fire departments. The founders of this organization were people who had the foresight and the understanding that as time moved on, the fire service in New Jersey would change and that our “Great Association” would be there to assist the fire service in meeting those new challenges.

The NJSEFA web site is provided as a service to our members, and to the fire service of New Jersey. It is our hope that this web site will provide even easier access to the benefits and services that we provide the fire service of New Jersey, as well as encourage communication between and among our members.

The 2020 Annual Convention
Has been canceled
do to
See you in 2021

NEXT Meeting  Ocyober 17,  2020
at 10:30 AM
New Jersey State Exempt Firemen’s Assn.
Location T B A
or via  Zoom
Will be post on Website

The 2020 Fire Service Scholarships are posted on the Scholarship page of this website.

The 2019 Convention Minutes have been posted on Members Only Page (unedited )

The 2021 Physical Year Budget is complete Draft Budget posted on Members Only Page

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